SmartPlan Overview

Segmenting the territories in dense postal code areas is always a challenge for the Sales Managers. SmartPlan feature of our app, helps the Sales Managers to overcome this challenge with ease.  SmartPlan now comes with six different flexible criteria options which assists in easier segmentation of territories.

Steps to access SmartPlan 

  1. In the Territory Design section, select Customer Segments
  2. From the Segmentation panel, select the node for which you need to create a child node.
  3. Now select the three dot menu against Segmentation and choose Add Hierarchy option.
  4. Select SmartPlan under the category Type. A green tick appears after selection.
  5. In the Basic Configuration section, input the number of territories you would like to create. 
  6. Input the value for the number of accounts that you want in each territory (this is an optional field).
  7. Maximum number of accounts per territory 

    When you select a value for the maximum number of accounts per territory option, each territory will be distributed with selected number of maximum records irrespective of any criteria selected.

  8. By selecting Add Criteria in the Prioritized Balancing Criteria section, add custom criteria based on which the territories will be created. 

Adding Criteria

Currently, there are six different methods under which custom criteria can be framed to balance the territories. Follow the below links to know in detail about each criteria. 

Prioritized Balancing Criteria

There is no limitations on the number of criteria being set. The criteria can be prioritized according to the user's choice by a simple drag and drop method. Click on Prioritized Balancing Criteria to prioritize your criteria. 

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