Exporting Jobs

When you run export job, data gets transferred from Fullcast to Salesforce. The below mind-map gives a clear description of what happens when an export job runs. 

Territory Data Model in Salesforce


Only committed records in the proposed state will get transferred during export job.

How to run an export job?

Territories, Account team member, Member objects and industries get exported during the process. Account Team member is a role-based export. So it is necessary to select those specific roles which needs to be exported before starting your export job. The below picture depicts what happens when a role is selected or not selected during export job. 

Follow the below steps to select a role and do an export job. 

  1. Log into your fullcast environment.
  2. Select the plan from which you want to export the details.

  3. From the three dot icon in the plan select the edit option. 

  4. In the update plan information page that opens up, select Enable export for this plan option and save. 

  5. Now from the design app, select Create and Manage roles from the Roles category. 

  6. All the roles that has been created by the user will be displayed. 
  7. Select the three dot menu against those roles which needs to be exported. Choose edit.
  8. Check the Enable this role option in the screen that appears and save. 

  9. Select the profile and enter into the settings screen.
  10. Select Jobs.

  11. Click on the import/export tab in the jobs page.

  12. In the Choose Job options screen that pops up, select appropriate action that needs to be performed.
    1. Migrate All - All the records will be migrated.
    2. Migrate latest - Migrates those records after the latest change that happened. 
  13. Choose Export Territories/Account Team Member/Industries/Member Objects

  14. Clicking confirm will start exporting Territories, Industries, Member Objects and those assignments under the specific roles selected.

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