How to deal with nonstandard postal codes

Non-standard postal codes - the ZIP codes that are assigned to Post Office Boxes at a given facility and can be used for that facility only; they cannot be used for home and business mail deliveries in that area. Fullcast helps in identifying these postal codes by assigning unique icons to them. 

Steps to identify nonstandard postal code

  1. Select Customer Segments from the Territory Design section.
  2. Select the territory node from the segmentations. If the territory was created using a map hierarchy, you will be able to see the Map tab.

    Where is the Map tab

    The Map tab is accessible only if the hierarchy was built using map hierarchy.

  3. Click on the Map tab.
  4. A Heat Map will show up showing the selected territory in different colors.
  5. Click on the map icon left on the Search Bar. It allows setting the level of Map Zoom Level.
  6. Select 5-Code.
  7. Zoom into the map of your selected area. There you could see the icons that look like a house and the word Zip is written on them. These are the nonstandard postal codes. 

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