Connecting to Salesforce

Preparing your Salesforce Environment

The first step in the process of preparing salesforce is to let salesforce know about Fullcast. To do this you will need to create a Salesforce Connected App

Setting up a Connected App

  1. Enter user name and password and log in to the Salesforce sandbox environment. 
  2. The lightning experience home page of will open up. Click on Setup
  3. Next on the left-hand side tab find and select Apps. Select App Manager.
  4. Find Fullcast Motion app from the list and click on View in the drop-down menu against it.
  5. Click Edit and update the Callback URL in API(Enable Oauth settings) to the URL provided to you by Fullcast and save it. 
  6. Now, under API(Enable OAuth Settings) you will see a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. When you click on Manage Consumer details, you will be asked for a verification code sent to your mail. after submitting the verification code, Consumer Key and secret will be displayed. Copy these information.
  7. You will have to update these information in the Fullcast environment after which the connection is established successfully. To know how, follow Configuration of Fullcast - Salesforce Integration

Salesforce API User

To accomplish this, API integration user profile should be created in Salesforce by the user.

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