Clean Domain Functionality

Lead, Accounts, contacts and opportunity records have the domain name of that particular company. Domain name is nothing but the website name of the company. Each website is stored on a server with an Internet Protocol (IP) address, such as Instead of seeing those IP addresses, we use easy-to-remember names in their place and that name is called the domain name. 

The unique element of a URL is the domain. This is the critical component to pull out of any given URL that represents a unique entity, because there is only one "", "" or "".

Why is clean domain important?

While updating details of the lead, account or opportunity, sales representatives usually copy paste the URLs. This kind of manual data entry is prone to have duplicates and also there is possibility that identical accounts have one or more different URLs but same domain name like the below example:

If there was entry for three different accounts with same domains, there is no simple way to identify the duplicates. So it is essential to identify the Clean domain to execute BMA and account hierarchy policy. To identify this clean domain we pass the records through the domain checker which pulls out the root domain of a given record from its repository of domain names. 

Exception list in clean domain

In most of the companies,  email addresses are structured with mailbox name and domain as the key elements. For example, every employee at Salesforce uses “” for their email address. So it is easy to pick the domain name from this. But some companies like google, use both and as their email extensions. In those cases, domain checker remains a failure and so there is a need to provide an exception list. So those records which are provided in the exception list is not considered for domain check. The domain names for these records is taken as is. 

Please click on the link to know the exception list for clean domain. Clean-domain-list.xlsx

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