Export/Import of data between Fullcast and SFDC environment

A fully automated import and export of data can now be managed directly in the application. All aspects of the integration layer like what fields to import, what to export and the status and details of each job can now be managed in the Export/Import tab available in the settings panel.  From the error files generated user can quickly troubleshoot integration issues. There are two different packages available through which the data exchange between fullcast and Salesforce happens. Those are:

  • Standard package - which comes with CRUD (Create, Read, Update and delete) capability. Any package with the version number 2.160 and above is eligible for standard package. 
  • Custom package - which comes with the update feature capability alone. All package below version  number 2.160 is custom package. 

To know what version of package is installed in your system you need to access the Export/Import tab in the settings panel. 

Accessing Export/import tab

  1. Select Profile tab in the fullcast.io.
  2. Select Jobs from the settings panel.
  3. In the jobs page that opens up, select Export/Import.

  4. When all three options turn out to be a green tick it is a standard package. The above screenshot is a standard package. 

  5. The standard package comes with the connection details. 

  6. It can be customized by checking the box available near the option Use custom Export/import jobs.  But this customization involves cost for the user. Please check with your business partner before proceeding. 

Output files in Export tab

The quick error fixes offered by Fullcast is displayed in the output files in the Export tab. Some of the error fixes could be as follows:

  • If the error was caused by a field deletion on the customer side - then Fullcast informs the user about the fields that need to be updated.
  • When there is occurrence of too many errors, the app suggests to run the same job, but with a limited number of records, a smaller batch size, a higher threshold for errors and so the job runs successfully and shows an output in the error files. 
  • When the access has been revoked, connection fails.

Error log is displayed in the jobs tab when you click on the details icon. 

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