Tracking Licensed and Unlicensed Users

Fullcast Licensed User: Any person with a User ID in the CRM and has benefited from the Fullcast Platform. These can be Active User IDs supporting the current GTM Plan or Deactivated User IDs that Fullcast stores and reports historical data.

Of the Licensed users we have two types:

Fullcast Active User: A Fullcast Active User is a Fullcast licensed user with an active User ID in the CRM. Fullcast Active Users will require a Fullcast Platform License.

Deactivated User: A deactivated User is a Fullcast licensed user which is inactive in the CRM. These users remain in the Fullcast Platform for historical reporting. Deactivated users do not require a Fullcast Platform License and are included in the base pricing of the Fullcast Platform.

Unlicensed Node in Teams

  • Any users moved into the unlicensed node will be considered unlicensed. 
  • Users associated with assignments and targets cannot be moved to unlicensed node. 
  • Users in the unlicensed node will not show up in any of the user lists and functionality in the system.
  • The user state for the users moved into the unlicensed node should be set to "Unlicensed".
  • Unlicensed users are not counted for capacity.
  • Unlicensed users will not appear in the Organization chart and are not a part of any hierarchy.
  • Unlicensed users cannot login to Fullcast. 
  • Unlicensed users can be moved back only to the All teams - Unassigned node.

How to move records to the "Unlicensed" node?

  1. Select Team organization in the Design menu. This is under Teams
  2. Find and select the users who need to be moved to the Unlicensed node.
  3. After selection drag and drop the users to the Unlicensed node or select the move icon from the grid to move the records. 

In the below illustration, 4 users have been identified as Unlicensed. Select those users and drag and drop them in the Unlicensed node. 

The number of unlicensed users is also shown in the tenant settings screen. 

Below is an example of the error received when trying to move a Fullcast Licensed User that is benefiting from Fullcast to the Unlicensed node.

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