Configuration of Process builder for SLA policy

  1. Log into the Salesforce environment and select Setup -->Process Builder.
  2. Start creating the process builder for the policy by selecting the New button.
  3. Give a process name in the window that pops-up. An API name that is unique for each policy is generated automatically after the process name is entered. 
  4. Add a description message, if needed.
  5. Select an action from the drop-down menu. This will decide when to run the process. 
  6. Now in the UI that appears select the object for which the policy was created in Motion App. Also specify when to start the process and Save.
  7. Now select the add criteria option in the decision box of the process builder. 
  8. Give a criteria name and select a criteria to execute the action. 
  9. Set conditions, when to take immediate actions.   
  10. Add an action to be executed. The Action type field should be selected as Apex. Enter an Action Name . Select Policy Handler for Apex Class .
  11. Set Apex Variables as following for builder setup for SLA policy is as follows. 

Currently, the following parameters are supported.

Field  Values
policyType ServiceLevelPolicy
inputVal1 Tag Field Value Eg:- LeadSource
inputVal4 Tag Operator Eg:- WILDCARD,DEFAULT
inputVal5 Sync/ASync
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