How To Create Criteria Using Filter Builder

Criteria or Filter Builders can be found at the bottom left of the main grid or in the SmartPlan configuration. 
  1. Primarily, two kinds of criteria are there:
    1. Condition
    2. AND & OR

Few examples of creating criteria on filter builder

Example 1:

The figure above has

  • one group - And
  • two conditions

As the group is And, both the conditions should satisfy to create balanced territories. That is, the shipping state should be Kansas, and the number of employees should be greater than 1000. If anyone of the conditions does not get satisfied, the accounts will not be in territories. 

Example 2:

The first And group denote that the accounts must have a shipping state as Kansas. Then the second And group denote that annual revenue should be greater than 100000 and the number of employees is greater than 1000 Or the number of employees should be less than 100. It can be denoted as:

([fio_shippingState] Equals 'kansas') And (( [fio_annualRevenue] Is greater than '1000000') And ( ([fio_numberOfEmployees] Is greater than '1000') Or ([fio_numberOfEmployees] Is less than '100')))

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