Configuring Opportunity Routing Policy in Salesforce

Opportunity Routing is based on Account Routing. Therefore, there is no different setup needed for opportunity routing.

The AccountTeam SortOrder field is used to enable an Account Team Member as a Primary Person. It helps to avoid the random picking of person for Role Based Routing in cases where there is more than one Account Team Member with the same Role.

Below are the steps to enable the field:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Type Custom Metadata Type in the Quick Search bar and select it.
  3. Select Manage Records against Fullcast Policy Setting.

  4. Select Edit against the AccountTeam SortOrder record.
  5. The default value for Field Value is NULL.

  6. Here, the field value is what you'd use to differentiate people on the account team object. Note: the default value is NULL. 

As an example, let's say Primary_Person__c is a custom checkbox field on the AccountTeam object used to identify the primary person for a particular role. To ensure the correct sortorder for role-based routing in fullcast, you'd edit the **Field Value* in the above screen and enter the Field API being used as the differentiator (in this case that is *Primary_Person__c*). This way the query picks up records on the AccountTeam object that have the Primary_Person__c checkbox checked first for role-based routing. 
7. Enter the field API name in the space provided for Field Value. 
8. Click Save.
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