Creating Best match Account Rules in Salesforce

Fullcast policy rules are configured in the Salesforce instance by following the below steps. 
  1. Log in to the Salesforce account.
  2. Click on the Setup and search for Custom Metadata types
  3. Click on Manage Records against Fullcast Policy Rules
  4. Click New and start creating the rules.

  5. Enter label name which must begin with a letter and use only alphanumeric characters and underscores. The name cannot end with an underscore or have two consecutive underscores.
  6. The Fullcast Policy Rules Name is automatically picked which is the unique name used by the API and managed packages. 
  7. Pick Criteria and  AND or OR Condition fields from the drop-down menu available. 
  8. String field needs to be updated only if the Criteria field picked is LITERAL.
  9. Field 1 Object is Lead or Contact or Account which needs to be compared with the Account.
  10. Field 1 is the API field of the Field 1 object which needs to be compared API field of the Account.
  11. Field 2 Object should always be Account which is compared with Field 1 object.
  12. Field 2 is the API field of Field 2 Account which is compared with the API field of the Field 1 object. 
  13. Note

    For Dedupe Policy the Field 1 Object and Field 2 Object should be Account.

  14. Choose which operation to be performed from the drop-down menu for the field Operator
  15. Enter the number according to which the rule has to be executed. For example, if it has to be executed first then the order number is 1. If it has to be executed third, then the order number is 3, and likewise. 
  16. Module name carries the name of your choice. It is an optional field.
  17. Click Save. 

Sample BMA Fullcast Policy rule for Dedupe policy

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