Dedupe policy configuration in Salesforce

Before enabling the policy, it's important to understand that the Account Dedupe Policy relies on Salesforce Duplicate Rules technology. So you must first configure your Salesforce instance to ensure the correct execution of the Account Dedupe Policy. 

 1. Dedupe Best Match Account

If we are using the Dedupe Policy then we need to have a criteria which identifies the duplicate Accounts. For this purpose we use Fullcast Policy Rules

  1. Go to SETUP > Custom Metadata > Fullcast Policy Rules
  2. Click on Manage Records
  3. Click on New

The Field 1 Object and Field 2 Object are both Account , Field 1 & Field 2 are also fields on Account and we use a criteria to identify the Duplicate Account.

 We should have at least one criteria if we enable Dedupe Policy or else the execution will not yield proper results.

The below screenshot is just an example and require changes from Customer to Customer based on their business logic

2. Dedupe Email Template

Step 1: Go to SETUP > Classic Email Templates > New Template

Note :-  This is required only if Customer is using Dedupe Policy for execution and the Subject and Email Body can be changed as per the Customer Requirement.

Subject :- 

 Approval for Merging {!fcio1__Fullcast_Dupe_Action__c.Name}

Email Body:-  

Approval for {!fcio1__Fullcast_Dupe_Action__c.Name}


3. Dedupe Approval Process

Step 1: Go to SETUP --> Approval Processes 

Step 2:- Select Fullcast Dupe Action in Manage Approval Processes For

Step 3:- Click on ‘Create New Approval Process’ 

Step 4:- Use Standard Setup Wizards

Note : - This is required only if Customer is using Dedupe Policy for execution.

Complete the Setup as per below screenshot clicking Next in each Stage.

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