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If you have installed the package now and want to configure the policy for the first time, before proceeding, ensure that the policy parameters required to execute the policy is configured properly. To ensure this click here.

Routing policies are used to track incoming leads, opportunities, accounts, contact and cases and automate the assignment of those new set of categories to the appropriate people and roles. 

Policy Execution

For any policy to be executed, the following two steps are necessary. 

  1. Configuring Process Builder or Flow in Salesforce Environment. 
  2. Configuring the policy in Fullcast Environment.

Click here to configure process builder in Salesforce Environment

Navigating to the Routing Policy 

  1. Select the Motion tab in 
  2. Select the designer you would like to work in - Territories, Teams, or Products. 
  3. Select Add New Policy button in the top-right corner. 
  4. From the Policy Catalog, select Routing policy that you would like to configure.

Selecting Tags

Selecting the tags for the policy is the first step in policy creation. These tags help in identifying which policy to be executed. When the  inputVal1 in the process builder in Salesforce is matching with the tag value given in the policy, that policy will be executed.

  1. When you click on the add policy option, you will be asked to select the tags for which the policy has to be executed. 
  2. Click on the + icon and select the tag field and the value. 
  3. Alternately, the tag definition can also be given on the tag tab displayed on the right corner 

This tag can be defined in the field settings in the settings panel. 

  1. Select the user profile and select the Field Settings.
  2. Pick the Motion tab and check the Enable tag helper  section in the Motion tags tab. 
  3. Click on the New definition on the right corner. 
  4. Now select the appropriate policy for which you need to define the tags. 
  5. Click on the + icon near Tags and Order to enter the field name which needs to be tagged. 

Set Queue Operational times

You can set the timings when you want to keep the routing queue active. Customize Queue Operational times according to your choice. 
  1. Fill in the Day(s) of the Week, Start, and End times for when you'd like the policy to be active. 
  2. To add more days, click the gray [+] button in the top right corner.

Click here to know how to configure the policy in

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