Release Notes June 2022

Release Date: June 2022
Package Version: 2.158

After the first big release of the year, this month we have come up with a few more upgrades to existing functionality, and bug fixes. Please see below for all the details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our new Help & Support systems to let us know.  

Improvements and Upgrades

SLA Policy comes with a Timer 

SLA policy was the newly added feature in our last release. In the Salesforce Lightning mode, the SLA policy has been upgraded with a timer option. If the SLA is active on a particular object, the timer keeps ticking. If the person is on vacation, the timer is paused. If the SLA is closed, the timer is stopped and it shows the elapsed time. This gives a clear indication of the time taken for a particular task and hence gives room for the customer to plan his activities better. 

"Do nothing" in Holdout now

We keep upgrading our policies whenever possible to keep it customer-friendly and add more value to the customers by giving quality output. Till date, in the Holdout policy, there is a requirement of an ownership change, regardless, if the open opportunity meets the criteria or not. In this release, we have added one more tab "Do Nothing" in the Holdout policy which provides another action plan for the customer to choose from for the opportunities not matching the section criteria. 

Embargo Policy Search List Change

US Government has replaced the Part 561 List with CAPTA list. We thought it would be nice for our customers to use CAPTA list instead of Part 561 list to stay compliant. So the search list in the Embargo policy is replaced with CAPTA list and the team ensures to update the list whenever there is a change in US trade embargoes. 

Manual Address flags in Embargo

In the Embargo policy, the Government Search list is just entities and individuals. A country, state, or city which is on the embargo list needs to be identified without passing through the search list. We felt this would give an added advantage to the customer in terms of finding the US trade Embargoes. This release has focused on this feature and has added a new tab called Criteria in the Embargo policy which helps in creating custom criteria according to the customer needs and requirements. 

TBx update in Salesforce Assignment Workflows

Assignment Workflows in Salesforce was one of the major feature in our previous release. The retire role and TBx workflows have now been made seamless without any effective date issues. If an assignment is of type "TO-BE-*" - then the confirmation workflow shows the new persons placeholder and his start and end date in the user panel. According to the new upgrade, when the clone fields are setup for the Type TBx (x-Hire/Replace/Transfer):

  • The user will now be able to select the respective TBx user of the same type
  • OR will be able to create a new placeholder record.
  • If no records exist of the type - then the default option of creating a new placeholder record is applicable.

Whereas previously, when clone fields were not setup, for TBx records, it was possible only to select any normal user or the default TBx hardcoded value. 

Temp Access is now in the User panel

One of the key functionality of Temp access is to allow fullcast users to access customers' tenants to provide support. Till date, we don't have an option of displaying the Temp users in the user panel. This release has aimed to work at this point and the temp users are now displayed in the user panel till their temp access expiry time. This enables the customer to view the temp users in the user panel and modify or terminate their usage as required. To know more follow the link.

This release also has made efforts to display the login name in the UI instead of the email address. 

Organization chart restructured

Organization chart gives an easier representation of the team members and their assignment details. And so it is essential to keep the org charts up-to-date. This release has upgraded the chart control to use the latest version in Org chart. 

Keep enjoying our new features and upgrades!
We also love hearing from you on how things are working and also any feature requests to make your life easier.
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