Create Territories Using Unique Field Values

The Unique Values rule allows you to create child nodes based on the unique values within a specified field.  

Points to remember

  1. A maximum of 100 territories can be created based on unique values.
  2. Field should be added first in the settings for the unique value field to appear in the dropdown menu. (Refer Creating fields in entity)

Creating Territories using Unique Field Values

  1. In the segmentation panel, select a parent node in the hierarchy. 
  2. Click on the Hierarchy Operations Menu.
  3. Select Add Hierarchy.
  4. Under Type, select Unique Values.
  5. Select the Field you wish to segment by from the dropdown menu.  
  6. Select the treatment of account families accordingly. 
  7. Acknowledge the warning.
  8. Click Save to create the child nodes in the hierarchy.

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