About the Territory Designer

Group your accounts into segments and territories to develop your sales plan using the Territory Designer. One of five designers in the Design Module, the Territory Designer supports you in strategically segmenting your market.

Understanding the Territory Designer

The Territory Designer groups account for data based on a common set of attributes, typically based on the selling strategy (E.g., Firmographic, Status-based, or Needs-Based). The Territory Designer allows you to make the groupings you need to manage your account data. The following are examples of fullcast.io supported segmentation models:

  • Firmographic-based Segmentation - grouping based on company size, geography, or industry.
  • Status-based Segmentation - grouping based on whether a company is a current customer, former customer, or neither.
  • Needs-based Segmentation - grouping based on whether a company has expressed a need for a certain service or solution.

We recommend creating territories in fullcast.io from the top-down, carving your account base into smaller groupings that ultimately become territories assigned to sales reps. Looking from the bottom up, territories roll up into larger segments - regions based on geography, verticals based on industry, or business units based on company size.

Design, Rhythm, and Motion Tabs


Design is all about managing the Go-To-Market plans.


Dashboards and reporting


Manage routing and other execution related policies


Accessing different Go-To-Market plans or creating a new one can be found under the plans menu.

Segmentation Panel

The segmentation panel is where Go-To-Market territories are created and managed. Actions on territories like creating, deleting, and committing can all be accessed under the 3 horizontal dot menu in the top right of the segmentation panel.

Account Grid

All of the account data being imported from the CRM can be seen and filtered here. There are several actions which can be taken on individual accounts.

Metric Summary Panel

Metrics that have been configured in Fullcast and be added here. These metrics work in context of the the GTM territories. For example, if LATAM was selected, then the metrics would display the outputs for just the accounts located in the LATAM territory.

Add and Remove Metrics from the Summary Panel

Segments Tab

Selecting this tab displays the accounts grid

Targets Tab

Selecting this tab display the target setting component of territories

Assignments Tab

This is where people can be assigned to territories they are responsible for.

Balancer Tab

The Balancer is a reporting tool to see the balance of the territories under the selected territory.

Map Tab

This tab will only be visible if the territory selected in the segmentation menu is further split along geographic lines. For example, if AMER, APAC, LATAM, and EMEA are built using the mapping rules, then by selecting "All Companies", the map tab will be visible. Selecting the map tab at this point will display how AMER, APAC, LATAM, and EMEA have been split.

Capacity Tab

This will show the current ramped capacity at the territory selected in the segmentation menu.

Proposed, Current, and Difference Views

Selecting the proposed view from this drop down will display all of the accounts in the territory where they are proposed.

Selecting the current view will display all of the accounts in the territory where they have been committed. This is a direct reflection of what is in the CRM.

Selecting the difference view will only display accounts which have been moved to another territory and left in a proposed state.

Assignment Display

Selecting this assignment box will display all of the people and their roles as assigned to the territory selected in the segmentation panel.

Blue Reports Button

Build out more complex reports than the balancer chart and pin them to a dashboard.

Yellow Audit Log Button

View all the history of a specific territory. Want to know when an account moved from one territory to another. This is your button.

Green Saved Views Button

Access previously saved views to quickly change between sets of fields and metrics displayed in the grid.

Settings and Help

The green help button will open up a menu to access help articles. The users name in the top right will open the settings menu.

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