Understanding Software defined Operations

Today, businesses struggle to translate strategic intent into standard operating procedures. This lack of agility and disconnect between strategy and execution is typically handled manually. In a fast-moving business environment, the ability to react to business conditions and respond operationally is key. That being said, fullcast.io operates in the realm of Software-Defined Operations. 

Introducing Software-Defined Ops

Software-Defined Ops is the idea that any business operations scenarios you encounter in the workplace can be programmatically defined and executed as a set of policies through application programming interfaces (APIs). The goal is to translate intent Plan into operating procedures and protocol Execution

Using fullcast.io can help your Sales Ops teams make changes to their go-to-market plan instantly followed by automatic CRM updates within hours of a plan change, rather than weeks or months or with the help of an army of consultants. How can software make your sales process faster, more agile, and more effective? Software-defined operations involve Policies for this purpose. 

What is a policy?

A policy is a statement of intent describing a set of principles in the form of a procedure or protocol. Policies are adopted by a governing body within the organization, usually business operations people who evaluate procedure and adherence. Software-defined ops platforms support policy definition, evaluation, and automation.

Why do we need Policies?

A policy-driven approach to sales operations can transform your CRM function. It defines policies for sales teams and explains the steps in creating, automating, enforcing, and assessing software-defined policies.  Using automated software eliminates the need for manual intervention and allows your sales operations team to focus on the strategic aspect of their role and execute your go-to-market plan more effectively. No more getting caught in endless cycles of data quality cleanups and fixing things out of alignment with your go-to-market. Click on the link to know more about these policies which reside in the Motion Module of fullcast.io

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