Set Default Target Values

Setting a default target value overwrites any distribution made at the parent level. The default target value that you set becomes the new bottom-up adjustment for that target on that particular node in the hierarchy. Setting default value is a part of the rolling-up operation.

Steps to set the Default Value:

  1. Select the Use default target box, fill in the default value for the target - this can be any static value.
  2. You can opt to customize the Schedule and Distribution as well.
  3. Once done, select Next.
  4. Select a month from when do you want to apply the changes. 
  5. Acknowledge the warning and type in OVERWRITE in the text box. Select Confirm to complete the action.

How to check the changes in the target after setting the default target

  1. Go to the parent node in the hierarchy. 
  2. Pick View Details from the drop-down after selecting the three vertical dots on the right-most corner of the target. 
  3. On the Tops Down vs. Bottoms Up tab, Select the + button to view the bottom-up changes.
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