Create a Scalar Target

Before creating a target, we need a basic understanding of the flow of target creation. Creating targets follows the flow as shown in figure 1:

    Figure 1: Flow of target creation

    Steps to create a target with a basic definition and a goal:

    1. Go to the Design tab and click on Set Targets under Territory Design.
    2. You are redirected to the Targets tab. Click on Add New.
    3. Fill in the Target Name, Type, Actuals, Fiscal, Role, Split Type, and Group.
    4. Expand the Goal bar and fill up the goal number in the edit box. 
    5. Click on Save.

    Definitions of the fields of a target

  1. Name –a descriptive name for the target.
  2. Type – A Scalar or a Time-Series targe
  3. Time-Series – typically something like a quota, attainment, etc. where the target is typically broken down into a month-by-month schedule.
    Scalar Value – Where the target is the same every month (e.g. activity targets for each month - e.g. 120 calls per month).
  4. Actuals - The metric that measures the actual progress of the target. Every target must have a metric that captures the actual.
  5. Fiscal – The Fiscal year that this target is for.
  6. Role – No target can be created without having a person in a role responsible and accountable for it. All targets must be assigned to a specific role, and when a person is assigned to that role – he/she would inherit the target.
  7. Split Types - Identifies whether people in the same role split the target or get the whole target.
  8. Group – A label used to group targets together for easy representation. This has no impact on functionality. (E.g., In a compensation plan, targets are usually measured under various categories such as Financial Targets, Revenue/Quota, Key Sales Objectives (KSOs), and Management By Objective (MBOs)).
Use #HashTags to Name Groups
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