Filtering in the Grid

Filtering allows you to search and find the specific records you are looking for. Follow the below steps to create a filter and get specific records.

  • Select the Create Filter tab at the bottom of the details grid.

The filter condition is mentioned in the top row of the column for which the filter is applied. It is also beside the Create filter tab.

  • In the Filter Builder screen that pops up, select the + icon to add a condition or group of conditions.

The gif in this article below explains how to create a filter with the group conditions:

  • to select all the records which have annual revenue above 1000000, and
  • all the records should belong to Manufacturing in the Fullcast Supersector category.

Notice that once you apply a filter, the Summary Metrics also change to reflect the selected amount of data. 

Steps to remove your filter

  1. Select the filter icon at the bottom of the grid.
  2. Remove the filter conditions.
  3. Select OK.

Now you can see the original set of data. 

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