Metric Settings

As a part of the onboarding process, your GrowthOps Business Partner will work with you to create and customize metrics by which you want to analyze your data. The metrics is created for the entities in the following three categories:

  1. Segments: Accounts, Opportunity, OpportunityLineitem 
  2. Team: Accounts, Opportunity, OpportunityLineitem, People
  3. Products: OpportunityLineitem, Products

Adding Metrics

  1. Log into fullcast environment.
  2. Select the profile icon.

  3. Click on Metrics

  4. Select the tab for which you want to create the metrics - Segments, Team or Products.

  5. Click on the add button to add a new metric for your chosen category.

  6. Fill the details required in the add metric page that opens up
    1. Name: Enter a suitable name of your choice for the metric.
    2. Description: Give a description for the metric, if needed.
    3. Prefix: A prefix symbol can be added to a metric to represent the entity behind it. For the Open Pipe (sales) metric, you would like to add a dollar sign in the prefix field since this metric represents money.
    4. Suffix: A suffix can be added to a metric to represent the unit behind it. For the Customer Count metric, I may want to add accounts as a suffix.
    5. Is Currency: Check the currency box if the metrics value is in currency
    6. Is Timeseries: Check the Timeseries box if the metrics value belongs to a timeseries.
    7. Measures: Drag and drop the particular field from the entities list on the left hand side for which the metric has to be measured. 
    8. Timeline: Drag and drop a date/time measure, if needed. Only those date/time fields under the field which you have selected for measure can be placed in the timeline. 
    9. Filter: Provide the filter criteria if you want to scrutinize your data. 
  7. After filling in all the necessary details click Save

  8. After the usual time taken for configuration change (20 minutes), you can see the metric field added in the page. The name, description, prefix and suffix can be edited on the screen if needed. But the measures cannot be edited. 

  9. The symbols appearing in front of each metric row specifies the following. 

  10. When clicked on these symbols a pop up opens up to show details about the issues. 

  11. You can delete the metric by using the delete symbol placed at the right most side against the metric. 

  12. The down-arrow placed before the delete icon, when clicked expands the row to give details about the measure, filter and field used for timeseries.

You can view these metrics in design app metrics panel. To know how please follow the link Summary Metrics

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