Delete Teams

Point to remember

  1. When a team node is deleted, all information associated with that node will be removed from the system. This includes targets, assignments, and the contents of the node. The All Teams and Unassigned nodes will also be deleted. 
  2. Once a node is deleted, its records will be transferred to the Unassigned node. 
  3. This delete action is a permanent delete and cannot be undone.

How to Delete a Team

  1. Access your Fullcast instance and switch plans if applicable.
  2. Click Team Organization on the Teams tile. 
  3. Locate the node that needs to be deleted. 
  4. Click the More Options icon (three vertical dots). 
  5. Select Delete Current node and children from the dropdown menu.
  6. Type DELETE (case sensitive) in the confirmation dialog and click Confirm.

  7. If you just want to delete the child nodes, select Delete all Children Nodes. 
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