Add/delete Notes to a Record

To Add a Note

  1. Select the record(s) you want to add a note to.
  2. Select the Notes icon in the Grid Action Bar.
  3. Click the green [+] button to select the fields you want to capture new data for or enter any free form comments in the comments box.
  4. Confirm to save the note.

Once saved, the note icon will appear next to the record you applied it to. If you select the icon, you can view the contents of the note.  You may also add the Notes field to the grid to make it easier to view all notes at once.

Sample Note

To Delete a Note

  1. Select the record(s) for which the notes has to be deleted.
  2. Select the notes icon appearing on the side of the record.
  3. Select Delete in the pop-up.

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