Balance Geo Territories

Balance territories based on metrics using Map metrics to help to increase transparency in your territory assignment process.

Steps To Use Map Metrics

  1. Go to the Design App by selecting Customer Segments in the Territory Design section.
  2. Select any parent node of your segments.
  3. Click on the Map tab.
  4. Select the Map metric icon to the right of the search bar.
  5. Where to find the Map metric?

    Map metric is only available for the territories that are created using Map type hierarchy.

  6. A window opens up titled Choose Available Metric.
  7. There are two categories on the left side of the window below the search bar - Entities and Metrics.
  8. Expand the Metrics category.
  9. A list of metrics shows up.
  10. Select a metric and drag & and drop it into the Measures section.
  11. Select Confirm.

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