How to handle account families while moving accounts?

Account families describe the relationship between different business entities or specific sites within a corporate family. When one business entity has financial or legal responsibility for another business, it creates a headquarters for the subsidiary relationship. These relationships are shown in the data using three fields, which are used in the treatment and viewing of account families across all designers in the Design Module.

  1. Account ID - gives an account at a specific location a unique identifier.
  2. Parent Account ID - indicates the parent entity for the account.
  3. Ultimate Parent ID - indicates the account at the very top of the corporate hierarchy, owning all of the subsidiaries.

Building and maintaining Account families

Account families with good data quality will give better results. Motion Account Hierarchies of helps in creating and maintaining account families and account hierarchy. The Motion app works in conjunction with the Design app to ensure tight integration between coverage design and the execution policies.

When moving accounts from one node to another, an account family menu pops up in order to determine the treatment of the account family, with three options.

Option 1: Don't Reassign Children to the Same Segment

Only the selected accounts for the move are considered for a move from the "source" to the "destination" node, completely ignoring the children of the parent if there are any.

Option 2: Assign All Children Not Selected in the Same Segment

When this option is selected in the move options, any children within the same "source" node as the selected items are also moved with the parent.

Scope of Considered accounts

When moving an account from one node to another, only the parents and related child accounts within the source node are considered. All children outside the source node will not be considered for the move.

Option 3: Assign Children not selected in the scope (the node) that match the following criteria to the same segment as the parent

This option for the treatment of account families, ANY children within the same "source" node as the selected items, applies the specified criteria and then moves all the children that match that criteria. Any children that does not match the criteria specified are not moved.

In the example below, only the selected account and its children that satisfy the given employee criteria will be moved. More criteria can be added by clicking on Add Row button and selecting appropriate fields. 

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