Assignment Workflow - Creating assignments

When an employee gets added to the company, it is essential to create an assignment in a particular team or territory. You can create the assignment either 
  1. In the specific territory (GTM object in Salesforce)
  2. In the Account object in Salesforce.

Creating Assignment in GTM object in Salesforce

To create assignment from the GTM Object
  1. Log into Salesforce and find Search for the Territory - GTM object.
  2. Click on the GTMs and you will be authorized to use the Fullcast canvas app.
  3. Select the name, for whom you want to create the new assignment.
  4. Select the Type from the drop-down menu, under which the employee has to be placed. The TBH tab near the Type will be enabled when the Selection type is To be hired, To be transferred or To be replaced. 
  5. Select the Role of user from the available drop-down menu. 
  6. According to the role of user picked, the productivity profile will be calculated. Acknowledge the Confirm form every time it pops up when you make changes.
  7. Select the Start and end date of the assignment and click next. 
  8. Click on Save to the productivity assumptions page that appears. 
  9. Click on Finish to complete the creation of new assignment process. 

The new assignment has been created for the particular employee and has now been recorded in the system. On the effective date, new assignment will become active. 

Creating assignment in Account Object in Salesforce

To create assignment from the Account Object:
  1. Log into Salesforce and find Account object.
  2. Click on the Accounts and select the Account name where you want to create new assignment. 
  3. On the top right corner you will see a Create Assignment tab, clicking on which will authorize you to use the fullcast assignment through Salesforce. 
*After this, follow the steps 3-9 in Creating assignment in GTM Object in Salesforce*

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