How does Proposed View work while moving accounts

Scenarios when the accounts are moved:

  1. When you add hierarchy to a node by children under a parent
  2. When you move records from one node to another
  3. When you delete a node

Add Hierarchy

When you create a new rule-based hierarchy using Unique Value or Bucket or SmartPlan or Map or Industry, the records are moved from the parent node to the child nodes.

Proposed View State From To
In the Child Node +Added Parent Node Child Node

What is the Proposed View

There are a number of views through which you can see your data in the Design App. Using the Proposed View, you can see what kind of changes have happened in your data, such as moving accounts, creating territory, deleting territory

Parent Nodes

When a parent node has at least one child (other than the unassigned node), there will not be any records associated at the parent level. All the records will either be moved to the child node or to the unassigned bucket.

❗️ Missed By the Rules?

If a record at the parent level does not match a rule defined by the add hierarchy operation, those records are added to the unassigned node.

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