How to move accounts from one node to another?

To fine-tune the GTM model, it is often necessary to move things around.  Moving accounts between various segments helps in building better sales strategies. Follow the below steps to move accounts from one node to another. 

  1. In the Segmentation panel, select the specific source node from where the accounts need to be moved.
  2. Choose the record(s) that needs to be moved by selecting the checkbox.
  3. Click on the Move button in the grid details bar. In the dialog box that pops up select the destination node where the accounts need to be moved. 
  4. Now confirm the moving of records by selecting an option from the treatment of account families.
  5. If there is a need to categorize these accounts as Named account or Named Exception in the new node, select accordingly from drop-down and click Confirm.

In the below example, three of the accounts from Customer 2 node have been moved to Customer 1_2.

Drag and drop method 

The records can easily be moved using a simple drag and drop method as well. As name suggests it is just drag from one node and drop it in another. But there are some restrictions which needs to be understood. 

  1. Choose those records that needs to be moved from one node to another node. 
  2. Drag those records and place it near the destination node in the segmentation panel. 
  3. Select the treatment of account families accordingly and click confirm.
  4. After the browser refreshes, you can see that the records have been moved to the desired node. 

In the above picture, the first two records from the customer node is dragged and dropped to the Test Node. 

Drag-drop your teams and products

The drag and drop option of moving records is also available for teams and products. Just remember the points mentioned below when you move your records.

Points to remember

  1. Drag and drop option of moving records is applicable only in Proposed View and not in Current View.
  2. No records can be moved to the parent node. When initiated, the record will get moved to Unassigned. 
  3. If the user has no permission to move records, in other words, if the user has readonly permissions then drag and drop of records from one node to another is not possible. The user should have readwrite permission to use this option.
  4. If there is a transaction that is already going on the grid, then the drag and drop option will not work . You need to wait for the transaction to complete. 

  5. Records cannot be moved to the same target node. You will get an error alert stating - Some of the selected records are already in the target node. Please select another node or select different set of records.

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