Release Notes March 2022

Release Date: April 2022
Package Version: 2.154

The March 2022 release is the first release for this year. There are a number of new features, upgrades to existing functionality and bug fixes. Please see below for all the details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our new Help & Support systems to let us know. We also love hearing from you on how things are working and also any feature request to make your life easier. 

New Features

Workflows now available in Salesforce

This feature is mainly designed for Sales Managers to be able to perform various workflows that were previously only available in the web app. The following workflows can now be performed in salesforce without having to ever log into the web app: 

  • Move accounts between territories
  • Manage coverage assignments
  • Terminate Assignment workflow 
  • Change Role workflow
  • Confirm TBx Assignments workflow
  • Reorganize teams and associated roles
  • Reorganize products and associated roles

Brand New Help System

We are rolling out a massively improved help and support system. With the new help system - accessible from the top navigation panel (top right) at all times, you will be able to:

  • immediately access documentation, how-to guides with helpful videos as well as a number of scenario-based guides. 
  • Submit requests to the customer support team
  • Review previous conversations with the support team
  • Get notifications of new releases, new features and generally be kept updated on various roadmap items.

Enterprise Identity Improvements: Single Sign-On & MFA

We have done significant improvements to our identity system to provide support for various Enterprise security features. The following major capabilities are delivered with this release:

  • Single Sign-On - you can now enable single sign-on with your enterprise-wide corporate Identity Provider such as Okta, Salesforce, Microsoft Active Directory, Ping Identity and so on. You can now also enable single sign-on with Google Workspace as well. 
  • Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication support - In addition to the existing MFA OTP support with apps like Google Authenticator, we've added support for Auth0's Guardian mobile app. With Guardian, you can simply click "approve" without the need to input the OTP. In addition to the expanded support, we also have added support for SMS as a backup MFA method. You can also now enable or disable MFA at the user level in addition to the company/instance level setting. Based on feedback we have improved MFA to now support "remember this browser" functionality for 30 days if you are connecting from a secure browser and computer. 
  • We have migrated the creation of new users to an invite process. No longer do you have to create users and convey passwords. Simply invite your teammates to

In addition to the above, we've made significant improvements to the change password process, resetting MFA and other common identity management processes.

Speed to Lead and other Service Level Scenarios

Checkout our brand-new policy for Service Level measurements. Some of the key scenarios and features include:

  • Track Speed to Lead scenarios by evaluating how quickly your reps are getting to their leads after routing. 
  • Track how long it's taking for your opportunities to move from each stage to stage. 
  • Track any time-sensitive interactions and take action if they exceed the established SLAs. 
  • Track SLAs on various business processes working on Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce. 

Improvements and Upgrades

Toast(er) upgrades

Red Toasts! Nobody likes them when you get it up it indicates an error or issue with the system. Today they come up and then they go away after some time or when you clear them. However, these Red Toast Error messages are critical for troubleshooting any issues. They contain key transaction Ids, which helps our support teams find and neutralize problems and bugs. We've done some improvements for you to be able help get this to us when you encounter them. Here are a few things:

  • Once you clear the Toast Error, there is no way to see a history of these errors in your session. We've added a new view that shows you all the errors you have encountered during your session. Please see here for more details. <add details>
  • When you use our brand-new help system to raise an issue with the support team, we will automatically send this history logs to our support team so they can quickly isolate the issue. You don't need to do anything! 

We are always working hard to not have any Red Toasts but if you do encounter them, the new enhancements will help us neutralize these.

Subscribe to Audit Events

One of the capabilities with the auditing system within the platform is the ability to stream those events to a monitoring or log analysis platform like Splunk or Loggly. We have added a number of enhancements to the event subscription capability:

  • You can now subscribe for specific events within the auditing system. No longer do you need to drink from the firehose. You can now subscribe to specific events like Authentication events, Territory events, assignment events, etc. 
  • In addition to HTTP and HTTPS endpoints, we have added support for email as well. If you want to receive audit events by email. we suggest filtering first unless you are feeling lonely in your inbox. 
  • The messages are delivered in JSON format for easy machine processing. 

Improved Security Posture

Security is always front and center for us here at We have done a number of things to improve security with our release:

  • We have improved the Key management capabilities of our salesforce package and the communication channel it uses to interact with the platform. All you have to do is to upgrade the package to the latest version and you will automatically get this enhanced security. The keys are rotated regularly to keep your salesforce and instances secure. 
  • We have enhanced our capability to quickly and automatically anonymize any PII data stored within our systems. The previous process was a bit manual and required a lot of maintenance. With the enhancements, the anonymization is not automatic for any PII data stored in our systems with respect to User details. 

Help us keep our environment and your data secure by following the various security tools we have made available such as SSO and MFA. Let us know and we'll be happy to do a quick audit to ensure you are using all the tools at your disposal. 

Map Boundaries Data Updated 

Our Mapping capability allows you to build territories on a map. A large part of providing this capability is the boundary data for administrative regions like states, cities, postal codes, etc. You would think this data is static, but did you know that the US Post Office creates 10-20 postal codes each year and over a 1000 of those have been decommissioned? We constantly update this information, so you have the latest and greatest data with respect to these boundaries in the map. We've updated data in this release for United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and France. 

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